I’m pretty sure 97% of hairstylist bio’s start out saying they do hair because they have “a passion to create”. So we can skip that stuff. My dream was to have a career where I could say f*ck and have funky colored hair without being fired. It was also important to have a career centered around human connection, gossip and confidence building transformation. 


So from there I made it happen. I worked hard to build not just a job as a hairstylist but a life I loved and a salon where people feel that they belong. 


I believe, as hairstylist we hold the power to help people reinvent and transform themselves into who they want to be. I live for the smiles of a happy guest starring at themselves in the mirror, loving who they see. 


If you’re looking for a big change or even just hair upkeep and want a new stylist who has a fun loving, approachable personality and also a BRAVO super fan, book your hair appointment now! 

I can't wait to meet you!






A little bit more about me…



-Married to Nick and I have 2 sons, Aidan and Tru.

-2 Pairs of Cats because saying I have 4 makes me sound like a crazy cat lady. 

-Graduated from Beauty School in 2006

-Favorite Holiday, Halloween

-I've been following my favorite band, Depeche Mode around the world for over 10 years with the same group of friends, and last tour, I got to bring my oldest son along with me. I've seen them 35 times and counting. 

-Favorite Movie, Dirty Dancing

-BRAVO Super Fan!

-I’m a homebody unless it involves cocktails with my girls.

Favorite Service


Favorite Hair Product

DRY SHAMPOO! NEVER run out!  Washing your hair daily is drying and causes color to fade faster; Spray dry shampoo on the roots and mid lengths, shake and then brush through every morning. It absorbs oil, freshens, and gives body to fine hair.